Zwei Chemikerinnen bei der Arbeit an einem Elektronenmikroskop.


Investigation of cellular uptake mechanisms by dual TEM and superresolution fluorescence imaging
Two female chemists working on an electron microscope.

Correlative superresolution fluorescence and transmission electron microscopy will be used to study the uptake and release of polymeric drug delivery systems. In this project, special focus is placed on the complementary information that can be obtained by both of these high resolution microscopy techniques. In particular, the distribution as well as the changes in the ultrastructural environment will be investigated with high resolution down to the membrane level.

Grafische Zusammenfassung C04 Image: S. Hoeppener

Principle investigators:

Prof. Dr. Rainer Heintzmann

Institute for Physical Chemistry (IPC)
Friedrich Schiller Unviversity of Jena
Helmholtzweg 4
07745 Jena
Phone: +49 3641 9-48350

PD. Dr. Stephanie Höppener

Electron Microscopy Group (EMG)
Jena Center for Soft Matter (JCSM)
Friedrich Schiller Unviversity of Jena
Philosophenweg 7
07743 Jena
Phone: +49 3641 9-48596


Fengjiao Ma
Institute for Physical Chemistry (IPC)
Helmholtzweg 4, 07745 Jena
Phone: +49 3641 9-48350

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