The SFB is divided into 3 subject areas A: Core B: Shell C: Medium
A: Core Projects Show content

A01 de– U. S. Schubert, M. Sierka

A02de – T. Heinze, Th. Heinzel

A03de – B. Dietzek, F. Schacher, K. D. Jandt

A04de – O. Werz, U. S. Schubert

A05de – A. Stallmach, J. Brendel

A06de – K. D. Jandt, U. S. Schubert

B: Shell Projects Show content

B01/B06de – A. Träger, K. L. Rudolph

B02de – A. Brakhage, C. Guerrero-Sanchez

B03de – K. Peneva, D. Fischer

B04de – V. Deckert, F. Schacher

C: Medium Projects Show content

C01de – J. Popp, S. Schubert, M. Bauer

C02de – D. Fischer, O. Werz

C03de – M. Bauer, B. Qualmann, F. Schacher

C04de – R. Heintzmann, S. Höppener

C05 - C. Eggeling

Z: Central Research Platform and Supporting Projects Show content

Z01de – Research platform for synthesis, formulation, and advanced physico-chemical and biological characterization

Z02de – Integrated Research Training Group

Z03de – Central Tasks

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